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About Us

Elite (n.)  \ ā-ˈlēt: A person or persons of a higher Class

Founded by Coaches Nathaniel & Pamela Muhammad, the Charles County Elite Track & Field Club have trained thousands of youth for well over a decade. In that time, they've set county, state, and national records, with numerous youth earning All-American and Jr. Olympian status. Many have gone on to earn college scholarships and compete internationally. Both Coach Nate & Coach Pam are USATF and AAU certified, with the team competing on both circuits throughout the indoor and outdoor seasons. Contact us today to have your athlete join a winning team!

Charles County Elite Intellectual Property Clause

Regarding intellectual property related to the workouts and drills designed by Nathaniel Muhammad, Head Trainer for Charles County Elite Track & Field Club:

  1. Ownership: Nathaniel Muhammad retains full ownership of all intellectual property created during track practice sessions, warm-ups, and any other training activities. This includes, but is not limited to:

    • Workout plans

    • Drill designs

    • Training materials

    • Coaching techniques

  2. Restrictions on Recording and Reproduction:

    • Parents, guardians, and any other attendees are expressly prohibited from recording, reproducing, or distributing any of Nathaniel Muhammad’s intellectual property without prior written consent.

    • Unauthorized use of the Head Trainer’s IP may result in legal action.

  3. Confidentiality:

    • All training methods, strategies, and proprietary information shared by Nathaniel Muhammad are considered confidential.

    • Parents and guardians shall not disclose or share any of this confidential information with third parties.

  4. Copyright Notice:

    • Nathaniel Muhammad asserts copyright over all workout plans, drill designs, and related materials.

    • Parents and guardians are notified that any infringement on this copyright will be subject to legal consequences.

  5. Trademark Protection:

    • If applicable, any trademarks associated with Charles County Elite Track & Field Club (such as the team name, logo, or slogan) are protected.

    • Unauthorized use of these trademarks is strictly prohibited.

  6. Waiver of Claims:

    • By participating in track practice or attending track meets, parents and guardians acknowledge the risks involved and waive any claims against Nathaniel Muhammad or the club related to the use of intellectual property.

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